SPARK IN BERLIN | 30.01 - 10.04


SPARK brings four projects in the fields of graphic-, product- and architecture design to Felleshus, Berlin in collaboration with the Embassy of Iceland in Berlin and the Icelandic Design Center. SPARK founder, Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir, with the four designers hopes to SPARK new friendships, discussions and collaborations in Berlin from 30th. of January until April 10 th

The Projects are:

Anatomy of Letters by Sigríður Rún              

Skvís by Siggi Eggertsson 

Urban Shape by Paolo Gianfrancesco

Prik by Brynjar Sigurðarson  

On Thursday, 29th of January there will be Design Talks at 17:30 + Opening at 19:30

SPARK | DESIGN | SPACE | ICELAND          30.01. – 10.04.2015


Spark Design Space was founded in 2010 by Sigríður Sigurjónsdóttir who was at the time a professor of product design at the Iceland Academy of Arts. The objective was to create a platform for excellent design projects with a focus on local initiatives. One of Spark’s roles is to facilitate projects which have only made it to the state of prototypes. These could now find a venue to be completed and promoted.

Having launched sixteen new projects - four of which we are now bringing to Berlin – Spark has slowly but surely become the main destination for Icelandic design.

Anatomy of Letters by graphic designer Sigríður Rún

Skvís by graphic designer Siggi Eggertsson

Urban Shape by  the architect Paolo Gianfrancesco     

Prik by product designer Brynjar Sigurðarson

Anatomy of Letters by Sigríður Rún and Prik by Brynjar Sigurðarson both originated as student projects which were then developed further, completed and promoted in collaboration with Spark. These projects reflect the focus of the Iceland Academy of the Arts over the past 10 years to look at the future possibilities within our heritage. Sigríður Rún brings a completely new approach to working with individual letters from the Icelandic sagas and Brynjar travelled to the North of Iceland and brought back with him craftsmanship used by shark fishermen that he could apply to his design work.

Siggi Eggertsson is a well-established graphic designer. His life has been a constant journey in the virtual world almost since birth.  He has never paused to consider the ordinary.  Siggi dives deep into the basic squares which the visual presentation of the screenshot and the printed matter are based on. Different and less controlled, Urban Shape by architect Paolo Gianfrancesco is, like Siggi’s work, closely linked to the world of patterns and new technology. His series of maps covers all the European capitals. Each capital has its own rhythm and balance, a hidden equilibrium between void and buildings.

Although the work chosen for this exhibition is truly diverse, it reflects the working environment for designers in Iceland today and how this shapes the outcome of their work. Since the 1970s traditional production companies, have been disappearing but the industry of printing and publishing is still going strong and constantly improving. Iceland’s roots as a nation of literature is perhaps more influential than we realize.

The wish to understand the cultural identity, traditions and history of Iceland has been a central inspiration for many Icelandic designers in recent years. At the same time there has been an increased emphasis on the preservation of traditional working methods. This, along with limited access to production facilities, has created a special challenge for designers in Iceland and has forced them to be innovative and open minded in their approach. One result of this has been a reinforcement of the element of story telling in Icelandic design. Another is a collaboration of young designers with craftsmen from the two traditional industries of Iceland, farming and fishing. The outcome of this has been the creation of unique products that are quite different from other Nordic design work, possessing elements that could well be described as tribal.


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