01.10.13 – 16.11.13

There is a special relationship between mind, sight, fine muscular movements and hands which, together with its reflection in the virtual world of digital technology, has given birth to a new species of of homo sapiens.  The American science fiction writer William Gibson wanted to refer to this new-born species as “Cyber-punks”.  That was 30 years ago.  This species has from early childhood had an almost unbreakable bond with a keyboard, a computer screen and a mouse.  The infinite virtual world seems to be a dwelling place, an extension, and a reflection of their feelings and thoughts.  When this proximity reaches a certain stage they become one and the same, the virtual world and the species. 

Siggi Eggertsson is an artist of this new world.  He was born in 1984 and will turn 30 next year.  His life has been a constant journey in the virtual world almost since birth.  He has never paused to consider the ordinary.  He dives deep into the basic squares which the visual presentation of the screenshot and the printed matter are based on.

Ancient patterns, which tended to be in the form of a clay chip or mosaic or textile were based on a geometry, squares, or a ruled page, identical to the ones used by Siggi Eggertsson.  Patterns were seen as the representation of something higher, the “invisible”, not directly of this world, used in the same way they are used in cyberspace.  If patterns were a pure geometry without reference to the biological world such as flora or fauna, they were arabic or eastern.  Patterns with a reference to flora or fauna, plants and birds, originated in Rome.  A combination of the abstract and the real are found in Indian or Chinese mandalas.

The methodology is in fact the same.  Squares based on horizontal and vertical lines.  The density of the squares, or the resolution as we now call it, is the only thing that decides whether we can read into the pattern a representation of something real.  The highest resolution digital photograph can be blown up until it ends up like squares on a ruled page without a reference to anything real.  Siggi also uses a quarter of a circle pasted into a square – that is what his personal style is based on.

The nature of the pattern is almost always spiritual   - a suggestion of divine beauty.  This beauty of infinity is always present in Siggi´s work.  This may be related to methods for expanding ones mind, whether by use of substances or meditation as used by hippies to glimpse a different world which is not a reflection of our own world, but a world within.  That world has godesses floating about, as can be seen in Siggi Eggertsson´s representation of a world few of us have visited.  He invites us on a guided journey as someone who has seen a world none of us have seen.  This is a journey into infinity where we fleetingly catch a glimps of the godesses and make the briefest of eye- contacts.