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A3 print, photocopied from the original drawing on 80g munken print cream paper. Signed by Sigridur Rún and made in open edition, as is the nature of the letters themselves. The text at the bottom is glued on and on some of the copies traces can bee seen from the tape as well as some dust. Sigríður Rún studied printmaking before finishing her degree as a graphic designer, she is a great fan of the photocopy machine.

Sigríður Rún has created bone structures for all the letters of the Icelandic Alphabet, based on her investigations of the anatomy of humans and animals.  She uses mainly the bone structures of birds, prehistoric dinosaurs and prehistoric birds as a reference while the handwriting is based on one of the oldest preserved Icelandic manuscripts, Egils saga Skallagrímssonar, from around A.D. 1250.

Verð: ISK 5.500