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Size 6 - 18 months. 100% alpaca wool, grey. Classic cut from our favorite Icelandic clothing label AS WE GROW. 

as we grow is an icelandic design company that takes inspiration from its roots, combining classic nordic design elements with chic modernity. at as we grow, we execute slow fashion, creating quality clothing that lasts; it is timeless and designed to grow with the child.

from the beginning, we have believed in designing products that offer real value to their users. this means, offering garments that last over generations, as well as always being mindful of the environment and the communities. each as we grow piece is fair trade for the benefit of all people.

we use only natural, renewable, sustainable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. our alpaca wool is a fiber that does not come at the expense of the environment.

every stage of our production is ethical, which is very important to us. for all handknits we partner with indigenous women to create a sustainable flow of income for them. this is as we grow.

as we grow uses only natural fibers, and our suppliers have been certified by bsci, intertek and vf corporation as a social responsible companies. 

Verð: ISK 12.900