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Carpet by Katrín Olína. Made in limited edition of three. Size 400 x 610 cm. Material: polyamide, especially designed for good durability. The carpet are produced by the Danish carpet manufacturer Ege using state of the art technology. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED FOR THIS ITEM AND WILL DEPEND ON DESTINATION.

Katrin Olina´s exhibition follows in the long tradition of using rugs or carpets to tell stories and features carpets depicting the unfolding world of Miklimeir and his magic garden inhabited by a strange and wonderful cast of characters. For the past 15 years Katrín Olina has developed a rich visual language that builds on research, experimentation and intuitive creative drawing processes that combine the use of technology with the hand drawn. One senses the possibility to lie down on the soft carpets and merge with the story. Katrin Olina´s work has always evoked a strong longing to step into her world. The carpets are possibly the medium that comes closest to making this wish come true. Their mesmerizing effects are irresistible; people stop and stare, get lost and come back amazed. 

Verð: ISK 1.000.000