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DONNETTA - Hvalfjarðarstefjaruna, Bjarni H. Þórarinsson


Hvalfjarðarstefjaruna by Bjarni H. Þórarinsson. framed work 62 x 73 cm. Original work - photographs. The work comes with a signed certificate (A4) that shows the back of the piece with some notes from the artist. The Donnet, Hvalfjarðarstefjaruna, was exhibitied at Spark Design Space in 2015 as part of Bjarni H. Þórarinsson exhibition, New Iceland.
Bjarni sees the Donnet as a new art form which anyone can work with, in the same way that anyone can write a quatrain, or other types of stanza. The structure of the works is in many ways subject to the same principles as poetry. Each viewpoint into nature provided by the photographs is like a meter which is repeated with variations. The patterns are interlaced with a pronounced variable rhythm. Bjarni refers to the work as visual constructive poetry.


Verð: ISK 250.000